Applying to College? Everything college A-Z

Applying to collegeApplying to college? 

For those parents whose children are closing in on their senior year of high school, what are your summer plans?  Well if you haven’t decided yet, summer is a great time to plan a getaway and include some perspective college tours.  All colleges offer summer tour programs.  Here is a list of things to consider when preparing your student to apply to colleges.

Why take a summer tour?  First you might want to consider taking a college tour if your student needs some prodding to bring up those grades.  Looking at some colleges just might be what it takes to get your student motivated.  If your student is on track for a university, a summer visit might help them refine their choices and answer some questions.    

How are those SAT and/or ACT scores?  Find out what colleges your son or daughter can get into with their SAT scores.  Then decide if they should retake the SAT or apply to SAT optional colleges.  There are quite a number of colleges that do not require the SAT or the ACT.  See a list of SAT optional schools.  In spring of 2016, when students open their SAT test books, they will encounter a new SAT that is more focused and useful than ever before.  See SAT redesign.    For free SAT /ACT test prep, visit .  It is a great website for a customized test prep program and it is FREE.

Great Idea to remember likes and dislikes.  When visiting colleges, how will you and your upcoming collegeApplying to college student remember the unique aspects,  advantages and shortcomings of each college visited?  One idea is to visit the college bookstore and buy postcards of each college.  Write down all your thoughts about the school while visiting.  When you return home, you will have a unique way of remembering things you considered important about each college. 

Must read college websites.   If this is your first child going off to school, some of you may have no idea what to expect.  How close are the train stations, the bus stations and the airports?  What are other students and parents saying and doing that might help you?  I can’t afford to visit each school, how can we take a virtual tour?  There are a few websites that will answer almost every question you have.  allows you to research colleges, majors offered and see if your son or daughter is on track and how they compare to other students admitted.  You can also register for the SAT, and find scholarships. gives you detailed statistical data and information about each college.  Check out the College 411 for information on admissions, money matters, academics, campus life, students, freshman satisfaction rate and an overview of each college.  Click on the link above, enter the college name and then click on the college for detailed statistics.  The last website is   This website offers a plethora of information on almost every college and university out there from other students, parents and college admissions who post questions and conversations regarding admissions, financial aid, scholarships, trends, reviews, etc.  You name it and you can find it here.  Talk to other parents and students online or just follow conversations about schools and information you or your student are interested in.  This is the most comprehensive website out there for “everything about college”.  Applying to college

Do I need a College Essay? The summer before your senior year is a great time to write those college essays.  Not all universities require a college essay, but some most definitely do.  Private universities will definitely require essays.  California State University’s (CSU’s) application period is in the fall from September and closes November 30th.  CSU’s do not usually require a college essay. For more information on CSU’s and to apply visit csumentor .

 University’s of California (UC’s) application period is in the fall as well from November 1st  to  November 30th.  They do require a personal statement or a college essay. For more information and to apply visit

Applying to collegeOur hope is to always help or educate our clients and friends with more than just insurance.  Brian McMullen of McMullen Group Inc. and our staff care about every aspect of your life.

 Yours today and yours tomorrow!   


Evans Garage; A San Diego Hidden Gem

McMullen Group IncEvans Hotels, the company founded by William Evans more than a half-century ago, operates three of San Diego’s highest-profile establishments. In addition to the Bahia, Evans Hotels also owns the Catamaran Hotel & Spa on Mission Bay and the Lodge at Torrey Pines overlooking Torrey Pines golf course.  The Evans family also owns a private hidden gem in San Diego known as “Evans Garage”. 

An evening at Evans Garage is a step back in time to visit a world class private collection of vintage automobiles.   It is a private, family owned, elegant museum which has a dramatic collection of classic and antique cars. It is an incredible display of memories from a Grand and Elegant era of the past.

The museum is a hidden gem and an exclusive off-site venue for groups at the Lodge of Torrey Pines.  Those who areMcMullen Group Inc lucky enough to attend an event, private or through the Lodge can expect to have an exquisite dining experience among an impressive collection of cars.  Evans Garage is located at 4953 Pacific Highway near Morena Blvd. and Taylor Street. 

One of our employees recently had a personal invitation to attend an event at Evans Garage.  It was fantastic and we thought we would share some photos for all you car lovers.  If ever there is an opportunity to tour this spectacular display of things gone by, I would definitely recommend attending the event at this hidden gem.   We hope you enjoy this “Exclusive” look  at Evans Garage and think about Auto Insurance from an “Exclusive” insurance agency, McMullen Group !  Call us for Auto Insurance!


McMullen Group IncMcMullen Group Inc

McMullen Group Classic Car Insurance McMullen Group Classic Car Insurance

McMullen Group Classic Car Insurance

McMullen Group Classic Car Insurance

McMullen Group Classic Car Insurance

McMullen Group Classic Car Insurance

McMullen Group Classic Car Insurance

McMullen Group Classic Car Insurance


2014 Spring Things To Do In San Diego

Spring is here which doesn’t change much in San Diego because our weather is mostly beautiful year round.  However, Spring time is a good reminder to do things that are new, necessary, and fun.  We would like to remind our clients to take an advantage of the good weather and great local opportunities that are here in San Diego to enjoy.  Grab your family, enjoy time with your friends and have a stay-cation in San Diego.  We at McMullen Insurance hope you enjoy our picks of spring things to do in San Diego; a calendar of local events  to share with Our clients, Our family and Our friends.  If you would like to do some spring cleaning, give us a call to review your policies.

Carlsbad flower fields.


Flower Fields of Carlsbad – Giant ranunculus flowers transforms 50 acres of hills into rows of brilliant color. During March 1st through May 11. Guests can stroll past oceans of flowers and through beautiful gardens, including sweet pea maze and a spectacular display of red, white and blue flowers planted in the shape of a giant American flag. Check out their website:

San Diego crew classicSan Diego Crew Classic at Mission Bay – April 4 – 6, 2014.  The first major regatta of the year that brings together thousands of athletes from universities, clubs and high schools to participate in a rowing event.  Enjoy a festival atmosphere with music, kids zone, and artists booths.



La Jolla Concours d’Elegance 2014

La Jolla Concours d’Elegance 2014 –Friday April 11 – Sunday April 13, 2014 is the classic motor car show with a suitable backdrop in La Jolla at the Ellen Browning Scripps Park.  Kids under 14 free.



Coronado Flower Show89th Annual Coronado Flower Show – On April 26th and 27th, the  City of Coronado presents the 89th Annual Coronado Flower Show in Speckles Park. Flower exhibits are displayed under tents surrounding a central gazebo, creating one of the largest flower shows.  Guests can also enjoy flower sales, live entertainment, food and a wine and beer garden.


.Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo celebrations – Don’t miss the 31st annual celebration in historic Old Town San Diego.  A wonderful 3 day weekend event starting Friday, May 2nd thru Sunday May 4th. Three days of music, food and fun with 3 Live Music Stages and over 10 participating restaurants.


Gator by the BayGator by the Bay Cajun Festival – May 8, 9, 10 & 11, 2014.  It is a great way to spend Mother’s Day!  This 4 day festival is filled with 85+ performances and fabulous food direct from Louisiana.  10,000 pounds of crawfish and Grammy award winner, Tab Benoit is just a couple of mentions.  If you have never attended this fantastic weekend, don’t miss it.  Great for the whole family!


.San Diego Mission Fed Art Walk

San Diego Mission Federal Art Walk – April 26th and 27th 2014 is the 30th annual art walk in Little Italy. Come check out local artists in a beautiful atmosphere of art.  Enjoy a beautiful day, eat in Little Italy and take a little something home.






How the Affordable Care Act affects long term care insurance

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or ACA) is the federal law that provides affordable health insurance. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into full effect around October, 2013.

Long Term Care

This activity board is designed to be used in a long term care unit with Alzheimer’s or other dementia residents. It is really neat! They are expensive. If you can make one yourself please do and donate it to a facility near you!


When it comes to health insurance, there are no more lifetime caps.  ACA eliminates an insurance company’s ability to impose a lifetime maximum on how much it can pay out.  That means end of life medical issues will be more likely to be covered, but how and by whom?  Some consumers mistakenly believe that ACA changes taking effect in 2014 will mandate that  insurers accept all new long term care applicants and Medicaid will pay for all costs related to long term care.

One area of health insurance the Affordable Care Act does not touch is long term care insurance.

Most people would rather stay in their home than a nursing home. Most people have no idea where to turn when the need for long-term care arises.  Does Medicaid cover long term care costs?  It is our understanding that Medicaid kicks in if you are staying in a nursing home and your assets are below poverty. People who are married need to think about the standard of living for their spouse who’s not in the nursing home.  According to Health Affairs Blog, “Medicaid has been available to pay for long-term care for people who are unable to afford it after they have effectively become impoverished by “spending down” their own assets and income”.

Who can and cannot obtain a policy?  You’ll never be younger than you are today. That makes today the right time to see what long term care insurance costs. Costs are based on your age and health when you apply. Remember, you don’t buy coverage with money, you pay for it with money.  You buy coverage with your good health. Increasingly, insurers are also turning away high-risk individuals with chronic conditions. The time for you to consider and apply for a policy is while you or your parents are still healthy and eligible. The Tender Loving Care advantage is Long Term Care Insurance. Also, talk to your tax consultant about tax deductions that might be available when paying for long term care.

If you have questions about long-term care insurance protection or even a policy you or a parent may have purchased, feel free to contact Brian McMullen of McMullen Insurance and Financial Services. We are here to help get you the information you need to make better decisions.

Staying home with Long Term Care has so many advantages.

Staying home with Long Term Care has so many advantages.

The American Assoc. for Long Term Care; Long Term Care Insurance is not changed by Obamacare; Blog, May 30, 2013;
Jost, Timothy; Medicaid Asset Rules and the Affordable Care Act; February 24, 2014;


The Benefits and Challenges of Being Your Insurance Agent

Pesky Insurance Agent

Am I a pesky agent?

As your agent, it is my job to take care of each and every one of my clients as though you were my family.  I try to make suggestions based on your needs that I see or my life experience when it comes to insurance. 

Sometimes, I feel as though I might be walking a tight rope between reminding clients of insurance needs and being too pushy”. 

It is a delicate balance.  Then I am reminded of the benefits of being your insurance agent. 


I have a client who phoned me to let me know her husband had passed in an accident.  He had been a long time client of mine and Yes, he had Life Insurance with our agency.  She still had two young children at home and did not work.  I was able to deliver a check for $1 million dollars to her.  I thought to myself, “I am so glad that I talked to them many times about Life Insurance”.   Life was going to be different without Dad but she did not have to go to work and the family was able to remain in their home.  I did my job.

A challenge I face as your insurance agent is getting a phone call from a client asking if their spouse purchased Life Insurance.   They remember me talking to them about Life Insurance and receiving paperwork but they are not sure if it was purchased.  These are the times I wished I would have pushed a little bit more for my clients to have bought Life Insurance.  There was a death in the family and they were not covered.  Did I do my job?

I know sometimes , You; my clients,  my family, my business partners feel as though you don’t want to hear me say again, “Let’s talk about Life”.  However, I never know when I am being too pushy.  Then occasionally, I am reminded of the good and the bad.  So, I ask about Life Insurance.  Please remember this when I am asking about your “Life Story” and to “Talk about Life”.   These days, it is relatively easy and inexpensive to buy Life Insurance.  There is no amount of Life Insurance that can replace the loss of a family member.   However, I will continue to ask because it is the benefit and challenge of being your insurance agent and part of my family.

Brian McMullen’s Allstate Website for more information

Alltate Term Life Insurance Made Simple


Retirement Planning; When to start and How?

 Retirement Planning; when to start and how?Retirement Savings

When planning for retirement, one word always comes to mind, Saving.  The next question is always the same, “How much to save?”.  Ask yourself;  Are you trying to accumulate a big pot or utilize funds and convert your pot into income in retirement?

There are two phases to retirement:

  1. Accumulation
  2. Distribution


In the accumulation phase, there are three factors that can contribute to successful saving for retirement:

  1. Start Early
  2. Continue to add money over time
  3. Let time and compound interest work in your favor.

The first step is always the hardest, Getting Started.    Start now, it’s never too late!

Retirement PlanningAs we near the age of retirement, the focus begins to shift to the distribution phase.  How can we convert this pot of money, which we have worked so hard to build, and turn it into a regular stream of income that will last throughout our retirement?

  • Several concerns to address are:
  • How much income do we need?
  • How long will we need it to last?
  • How do we keep up with the pace of inflation?
  • How do we secure the money that we have worked so hard to grow?


As many clients already know, I have taken action to help my clients around these issues.  I have been working with my team, here at McMullen Group to have the right person in place for all your needs.  Whether that’s Auto, Property, Commercial, or Financial Services, we have a specialist for your needs.

Leading my team on the Financial Services side is John Potter.  John and I have been working together for many years helping clients protect and plan for their tomorrow.  Many of you took advantage our first customer appreciation event in 2012 in which guest speaker Terry Savage gave out a copy of her book “The Savage Truth on Money”.  Below I have attached Terry’s favorite retirement calculators for more information.    Favorite Calculators.  It is amazing what we can do with technology in this day and age. We can calculate almost anything and take out a lot of the risk.  Feel free to check out Allstate Average Retirement Calculator.

Like Terry, we feel strongly about getting an education and talking with a financial adviser is the best way to educate yourself.  The biggest risk you can take when it comes to your retirement is not doing anything at all.  When she spoke to our clients, Terry strongly advocated for her beliefs in “Retirement Plan Protection”.  Let’s talk about your future today!

Retirement SavingsWhen planning for a year, plant corn. 

When planning for a decade, plant a tree. 

When planning for a life, get an education.





Below is a list of Allstate articles you might find interesting. 

The Road to a Happy Retirement 

7 Things You Should Prepare for a Happy Retirement

Thinking About Early Retirement ?  A Few Things to Consider. 

Brian McMullen – Allstate Website





Holiday Gifts for the Family – Spend time not money

Holiday gifts for the family- Spend time not moneyFamily

The Holidays are approaching and we, at McMullen Group Inc. want to share inexpensive ways to rejuvenate and enjoy the Holiday Season around San Diego. This is a good time to think about spending less money on holiday gifts this year and spending more time with family.  Your family may include friends, neighbors, kids, grandparents, and out of town guests.  Whatever the case, we have put together a list of free and inexpensive traditional things to do in San Diego during the months of November and December.  We hope you enjoy your time together this Holiday Season and celebrate Life with those around you.    

Veterans Day Parade is on November 11th from 11:00am to 1:30pm.  Veterans Day ParadeThe parade is being presented by the Midway Museum and is held on Harbor Drive beginning at Grape Street. Veterans Day recognizes the contributions of all of our Veterans from every branch of Armed Forces in all eras of service. Visit:  for more information.  




Mother Goose ParadeMother Goose Parade is on Sunday, November 24th and begins at 10:00am.  Since 1947, in El Cajon, Mother Goose makes her annual appearance with clowns and street performers that will entertain you. Grown men will pass by in tiny cars, and, of course, everyone will wait for Santa Claus to come by and signal the beginning of the Christmas season.  The Mother Goose Parade begins at Magnolia and Main, heads down Main St. to N. Second Street, turns North and then ends at Madison Street.  Keep up with the parade on facebook.

Hotel Del Coronado Holiday Spectacular – This year’s holiday theme is “Celebrating 125 Years of Holiday Magic” Hotel Del Coronado The Del will be decorated from head to toe with classic Victorian decorations, tartan plaid, antique platinum accents, and vintage Santas. Add 100,000 glittering lights, Victorian carolers and a spectacular beachfront ice skating rink, and Hotel del Coronado will truly be Southern California’s holiday wonderland.

Skating by the Sea at the Del is outdoor ice skating overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The oceanfront Windsor Lawn at the Hotel Del Coronado will be transformed into a spectacular ice rink with skating sessions offered daily from November 27 through January 5. $23 per adult  $16 per child (10 & under) Includes skate rental fee

Holiday Festival at the DelOn Wednesday, December 4, The Del will feature a special event for the whole family “Holiday Festival…A Family Celebration.” In addition to the outdoor ice rink, there will be fireworks, performances by Coronado school children and St. Nick and his elves will be available for photos. Complimentary Holiday games and prize booths by the ice rink.  

  • 4-5 pm – Performance by Coronado School Children in the Ballroom
  • 4-7pm – Vista walk is transformed into Santa’s Village.  Photos with Santa and Elves. 
  • 4-9pm – Ice Skating by the Sea.  $23 per adult.  $16 per child (10 & under).  Includes skate rental fee
  • 6:15pm – Fireworks

Ice skating at the Del

An American Christmas at the Del – This event is pricey, but we thought is was worth including in our list of holiday things to do. The Del is pleased to present the annual production An American Christmas, performed by the award-winning Lamb’s Players Theatre, for a limited engagement in the Ballroom. The Marshall family – played by 30 versatile performers who never miss a beat – welcome you to an interactive lavish feast and celebration set in the year 1913. Beginning with hors d’oeuvres, the Marshall’s entertain their guests with stories, songs, dance and laughter, all woven around a sumptuous four-course yuletide dinner prepared by The Del’s master chefs. San Diego Magazine calls An American Christmas “a perfect melding of food, ambience and showmanship.” (December 16-24)  For more information:  

Balboa Park December Nights – December 6th and 7th. San Diego’s premier holiday festival, will take place for the 35th consecutive year on Dec. 6, 3-11pm, and Saturday, Dec. 7, noon-11pm. This event brings families and friends together to spread holiday.  Participating Balboa Park museums open their doors free of charge from 5-9 pm both evenings. For more information, visit:  and

San Diego Bay Parade of Lights – December 8th and December 15th.  San Diego bay parade of lightsBoth days the parade will kick of around 5:30pm and end at 9:00pm. the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights features boats decorated for the holiday season.  This year’s Parade celebrates the “41st Anniversary, USS Santa Claus” with boats of all kinds judged for creative lighting, decorations and crowd-engaging fun. More than 80 vessels will take to the water. It is a great family tradition!  For more information:


As always, we hope to be more than just your insurance agent.  We strive to provide more than excellent service so that you can trust us with the most important part of your life; Family. Give us a call for a list of free services that we offer in addition to Auto | Home | Life.

If you have been putting off Life Insurance, make your family a priority and give us a call before the end of the year.


“Allstate Best Drivers Report” California Cities 2013

“Allstate Best Drivers Report” California Cities 2013


Take the “Motion Induced Blindness Test”

Allstate Best Drivers Report

Allstate released the annual “Best Drivers Report” which revealed that Visalia tops all California cities in driving safety with the lowest car accident frequency in the state.  The average year between collisions in Visalia is a little over 12 years and it ranks #8.  People in Visalia are 18.5% less likely to have an accident than the rest of the nation.  Below is a small snapshot of how other California cities faired.




City & Overall Ranking

Collision Likelihood Compared to National Average

Average Years Between Collisions

Thousand Oaks – 72

2.4% more likely


Chula Vista – 86

5.2% more likely


Escondidio – 99

7.3 % more likely


Riverside – 110

10.1% more likely


San Diego – 127

14.4% more likely


Los Angeles – 181

49.3 % more likely



“Allstate research found that 70% of vehicles involved in auto claims are considered drivable, which indicates that most claims are the result of low speed (under 35 miles per hour) collisions that take place in “stop and go” traffic locations”.  

Different road conditions, traffic, noise and activities can make driving in a big city like San Diego different than driving in smaller cities or more suburban areas like Visalia.  So we offer a few tips that will help make our roadways and you safer.

  • Always drive with your headlights on – It helps others to see you in bad weather and good weather.
  • Use turn signals – Such a little device can make such a big impact.  No pun intended!

If you want to be reminded of driving skills you might be ignoring, put a newly licensed driver in the passenger seat with you.  They will let you know every little mistake you are making, like not using your turn signal.  Be a good example for young drivers and remember the little things that make a huge impact on your safety.

  • Lastly, “Stay Alert”.  Always continue to scan the road.  Don’t fix your gaze on the horizon. Why?  “Motion Induced Blindness”.   It happens at much faster rates of speed but if you fix your gaze on one object long enough while you yourself are in motion, your peripheral vision goes blind. 

Let me give you a small demonstration of motion induced blindness. This is the same demonstration that is used for trainee pilots in classrooms before they even go near an aircraft. Just click on the link below.

You will see a revolving array of blue crosses on a black background. There is a flashing green dot in the center and three fixed yellow dots around it. If you fix your gaze on the green dot for more than a few seconds, the yellow dots will disappear at random…, either singly, or in pairs, or all three together. In reality, the yellow dots are always there. Just watch the yellow dots for some time to ensure that they don’t go anywhere!


Allstate Best Drivers ReportSo, if you are driving at a high speed on a highway and if you fix your gaze on the road straight ahead, you will not see a car, a scooter, a buggy, a bicycle, a buffalo or even a human being approaching from the side. Now reverse the picture. If you are crossing a road on foot and you see a speeding car approaching…, there’s a 90% chance that the driver isn’t seeing you, because his/her peripheral vision may be blind! And you may be in that blind zone!



As usual, Brian McMullen of McMullen Group Inc. and staff are here for more than just insurance.  Give us a call and see what we can do for you.  Auto|Home|Life|Financial. 

Put us and our services to the test !


$50 for Your Thoughts on Life Insurance

$50 for Your Thoughts on Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life is Good…Protect it!

Why are we having this contest?

September is Life Insurance Awareness month. While Life Insurance rarely tops anyone’s list of wants…. It remains high on your list of needs. Too many American families do not have Life Insurance and are at risk for financial catastrophe if the unexpected accident or illness happened.

What do you need to do to enter?

Below are 3 choices. Pick one and share your thoughts with us on Life Insurance. You will be entered to win a $50 gift card to the place of your choice for the best entry in each category. You may enter each category once.



Life Insurance

Are you thinking about Life?

1.  Excuses, Excuses Web Movie!

Realistic and cute video about a family and what dad’s inner voice is saying about the cost of Life Insurance.

Click Here to watch the video

Your thoughts – Can you relate to this video?  How do you feel about life insurance after watching the video?


Life Insurance

Life Happens every day!



2. Life Happens!

Life Insurance can buy loved ones time to grieve, pay off debts, keep a family in their home, fund a college education, provide an income stream and more.

Your thoughts – Briefly share your story of someone who had Life Insurance and the difference Life Insurance made in their lives.



Life Insurance

Life Insurance should always be there!

3. Should you buy Life Insurance through work or on your own?

Your work should not be the primary source where you have Life Insurance. If you were to lose or quit your job, you would lose your Life Insurance coverage. While it may be convenient, most employers don’t provide enough insurance and you can’t take it with you.

Your thoughts –Do you have a policy at work? Have you thought about getting an outside policy?  Without doing any research, what do you think your Life Insurance policy will do for you and your family?




We hope we have made you think about Life Insurance and protecting your family in a fun way. So, how much Life Insurance do you need? The Life Insurance Needs Calculator is an easy way to get a realistic picture of how much Life Insurance you might need. For more information on Life Insurance, please give Brian McMullen in San Diego a call.  To enter “$50 for your thoughts on Life Insurance”, email us your entry. The winners will be announced in our October blog.  Good Luck!

Interesting Reads on Life Insurance;  Check out: 25 Rules to grow rich by: #15 Life Insurance 

OR  Check out: Allstate’s Blog: Top 5 questions to ask when buying Life Insurance.


Best Time of the Year to Buy Household Items | San Diego home insurance

Best time of the year to buy household itemshome insurance

We are more than just San Diego home insurance when it comes to your house.

The cost of owning a home doesn’t stop with the San Diego home insurance and a mortgage. For San Diego home insurance, we are a bargain because we take care of our customers for more than just insurance. For everything else that has to do with your home, we wanted to share the wealth when it comes to finding a deal. Who doesn’t love a deal?  Replacing household items isn’t cheap.  You can, however, get bargain prices if you know the best time of the year to buy household items. Something is on sale every month.
January – Traditional “white sales” comes with bargains on bedding and linens. Pre-Superbowl sale for the latest big screen televisions or any television.


February – Air conditioners!  Who needs an air conditioner in the middle of winter? No one except those who want to buy it on sale! Also,  Presidents Day is one of two of the biggest furniture sales every year.


March – China and flatware go on sale before spring weddings


April – Vacuum cleaners. Remember this goes with spring cleaning.


May – Discounts on barbecue equipment and patio furniture. The summer season is just warming up with these sales.


June – Father’s Day is coming up and this is a great time to buy power tools.


July – Great month for kitchen appliances.


August – Summer is coming to an end and summer stuff is on sale big time. Grills, patio furniture outdoor items.

September – Labor Day weekend is the 2nd largest furniture sale during the year next to Presidents Day. You are sure to find the furniture of your dreams at a fantastic price during this weekend.


October – Outdoor and Patio items are on Clearance! You can’t be picky but you can sure find a bargain.


November and December – It is a great time to look for flooring sales. Carpet and flooring have deep pocket sales before the holidays.

. san diego home insuranceNow you know the best time of the year to buy household items. Purchasing big household items is a great reminder to make sure your San Diego home insurance is still adequate. It’s also a great time to update your home inventory for your San Diego home insurance policy. Over the past few years, home values have decreased dramatically and now they are on the rise again. Recently, home values in San Diego have risen on average 25%. If it’s been a few (or more than a few ) years since you purchased your home and/or the San Diego homeowners insurance to protect it, contact us to make sure your coverage is still adequate. Let’s do a review! For an auto, Life and home insurance quote contact us.  For more information, check out Allstate’s blog on home insurance and coverage from state to state.

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